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Qualifying for Hollenbeck Terrace Apartments

1. Do you accept people with evictions?
Generally, applicants with evictions are not eligible.

2. What are the rents and what are the income restrictions?
  Rent Level
40% 45% 48% 50%
1 Bedroom        
2 Bedroom        
Income Limits: 
  Number of Household Members
1 2 3 4 5    
50% Income Limit $29,050 $33,200 $37,350 $41,500 $44,850    
45% Income Limit $26,145   $29,880 $33,615 $37,350 $40,365    
40% Income Limit $23,240 $26,560   $29,880 $33,200 $35,880    
30% Income Limit $17,430 $19,920 $22,410 $24,900 $26,910    
3. Do you accept Section 8 vouchers?
Yes, Hollenbeck Terrace accepts Section 8 vouchers.  Applicants must first meet property specific Screening Criteria. 

4. What if I have a criminal record?
Please refer to our resident screening criteria for details, however criminal offenses not allowed include physical violence to persons or property; domestic violence; manufacture, sales, use, or trafficking of controlled substances: illegal weapons possession; and any form of assault, breaking and entering, or burglary
5. How many people are allowed per bedroom? 
Unit Size Minimum Number of Persons in Household Maximum Number of Persons in Households
Studio 1 2
1 Bedroom 1 3
2 Bedrooms 2 5
6. What is Reasonable Accommodation?
Under the Fair Housing Act, housing providers are required to consider making adjustments to policies and/or rules (a Reasonable Accommodation) for people with disabilities to enable them an equal opportunity to enjoy housing.  This obligation has limits.  Regulations allow a landlord or housing provider to request verification for the disability and the need for an accommodation from a qualified professional.  Reasonable Accommodation requests are reviewed on a case by case basis.

7. Do I have to sign a lease?
Yes, a 12 month lease is required.

8. Can I have a roommate?
Yes you may have a roommate as long as the occupancy standards and household income restrictions are not exceeded.  Each adult over age 18 must meet the property specific Screening Criteria and complete the Rental Application.

9. Do you allow pets?
This community will be a No Pet community.
10. Where do I park?
Parking will be available, at no charge, within the community.
Housing Definitions

1. What is an affordable unit?
An affordable unit is one with rent based on a percentage of the Area Median Income of 60% or less.  Market rents are generally much higher.  Within the Tax Credit Housing Program, the rents are not subsidized and therefore are not based on the household income.

2. What is Low Income Housing Tax Credit?
The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program is a federal housing program administered by the State of California and monitored by the IRS.  Credits are given to each state based on the census. 

3. What is considered an accessible unit?
An accessible dwelling unit is a unit that is located on an accessible route and can be approached, entered, and used by individuals with physical disabilities.